Why does MyMusicTheory look different?

See MyMusicTheory has been Renovated!


How do I log in?

The login system for video courses is unchanged. Please navigate to https://mymusictheory.newzenler.com/ to login to your courses.
Please note that your data and courses are stored and managed by zenler.com.

The login system for PDF downloads has changed. Please navigate to https://shop.mymusictheory.com and click on the login icon . You will be asked to create an account. If you use the same email address which you used for your previous PDF purchases, these will now be linked into your account.
Please note that your data and files are stored and managed by payhip.com.

Logging into mymusictheory.com directly is no longer available or necessary. Please email info@mymusictheory.com if you have any questions.

Where are the free PDFs?

Free PDFs are now stored at https://shop.mymusictheory.com/collection/freebies

Can’t find an answer to your question? Please email info@mymusictheory.com.