In this lesson we will look two types of minor scales, the harmonic minor and the melodic minor in the keys of G minor and B minor.

  • The harmonic minor has the pattern T-S-T-T-S-3S-S (3S = 3 semitones).
  • The melodic minor has one pattern on the way up and another on the way down:
    • Ascending (from bottom): T-S-T-T-T-T-S
    • Descending (from top): T-T-S-T-T-S-T

If you find it difficult to remember all the patterns of tones and semitones, try this method instead: learn the notes of three types of minor scale for A minor – they are easy to learn. Then write out the A minor scale and calculate whether each step is a tone (whole step), semitone (half step) or three semitones (three half steps). Then use the same pattern as a guide, to write out a new scale in a different key.

B minor harmonic scale

B minor harmonic treble
B minor harmonic bass

B minor melodic scale

B minor melodic treble
B minor melodic bass

G minor harmonic scale

G minor harmonic treble
G minor harmonic bass

G minor melodic scale

G minor melodic treble
G minor melodic bass

Scales Exercises

Hover your mouse over the questions (tap on mobiles) to reveal the answers.

Write the scale:

B minor melodic ascending

Add the correct clef and any necessary sharp or flat signs to make each of the scales named below. Don’t use key signatures.

E minor harmonic

A minor melodic

Bb major

Name the key:

1. x


2. x