On From Grade One

For Grade Two Music Theory, you have to know all the foreign musical terms and symbols which are listed for Grade One, and a few more. 

You can find a list of the Grade One musical terms here, and musical symbols here. 

In each grade of the Trinity music theory exams there are more foreign terms to learn, but you always have to know all the terms from the earlier grades too.

New Terms for Grade Two Trinity

Italian Term English Meaning
Adagio Slowly
Allegretto Quite fast
Cantabile In a singing style
Decrescendo Gradually getting quieter
Espressivo Expressively
Grazioso Gracefully
Molto Very
Tenuto Hold the note for its full value
Vivace Fast and lively
8va Play an octave higher than written
8vb Play an octave lower than written
 pause mark Pause mark: hold the note slightly longer than usual
 1st time bar First time bar (play this bar the 1st time through)
 2nd time bar Second time bar (play this bar the 2nd time through)